2011 for me…

I took this snap while working in my garden yesterday. 2011 is definitely a year filled with new opportunities and challenges and this picture represents precisely what I intend to do with it.

I intend to work on a lot of new things this year and I would definitely need the support of all the elements in my “Top Ten List“. I am confident that I will do my best and be able to contribute my fair share to the global community to make it a better place to be. May this new year bring all success and prosperity to you.

Best wishes!

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Viva 2010… Hello 2011!

Hello there! The New Year is born and I’d like to wish you a very happy and a prosperous 2011! 2010 has been a remarkable year of learning for me. This is the year where I realized that social media is much more than chatting and posting funny pictures and videos. Social media and the like have taught me much more this year than what I’ve learned in all these years so far.
So here’s the top ten list of words which made 2010 worthwhile for me.

1. Twitter
2. PLN
3. Blogs
4. Webinars – (Esp. Global Ed 10 Conference)
5. Google Apps
6. YouTube
7. Slideshare
8. Podcasts
9. LinkedIn
10. eBooks
11. and of course… Facebook 🙂

Looking to learn more, do more, and share more in 2011!

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Homework – An essential part of learning

I am writing this post with reference to the 10 things I think teachers should unlearn…list on whatedsaid’s blog.

With regard to homework, in my opinion, compliance by the student with pleasure/pressure depends on some of the points in the list. I feel that homework is an opportunity for the students to think about what they had learned that day.  Compliance by the student also depends on the nature of homework given. A couple of dozen sums and a handful of essays will definitely put off any student. Homework assignments should be designed in such a manner that it serves as a gentle reminder for the students of their class activities and allow them to think about what they have done in class that day. This allows the topic that had been discussed on that day to linger in their mind and might lead to new questions/ideas from the student to be discussed in the subsequent class.

I therefore feel that homework is an essential part of learning. The application of this strategy in effective teaching entirely depends on the teacher.

What do you think?

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Hello world!

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself and my blog on my first post. I am Vytheeshwaran Vedagiri from Chennai, India. I am a Chemistry/biology teacher by choice. I became an online tutor right from my college days for students from the US and UK. I started my Web site http://biochemistryforu.googlepages.com for the same. After completing my Post graduation in Biochemistry, I became a full fledged online tutor. During this time, I was invited by a company to develop content for their textbooks. This took me into a whole new world of educational content writing (creative writing). For the first time, I was given a chance to create something new and I loved it. After that, I started working on developing asynchronous digital content for a private company. At this point of time, I was introduced to instructional designing by my friend and I’m ever grateful to her for doing that. I’ve just begun canoeing into the estuaries of ID and hoping to sail upon the ocean of ID in the near future. To sum up, I’m an online tutor, an SME and a rookie instructional designer.

In my blog, I’ll be posting about all that interests me in the field of science, teaching and educational methods. I welcome you to comment and interact with me on my posts. I will reply to all comments posted. Spammers and advertisers please excuse this blog. Any comments that distract the topic and the reader will be deleted.

Happy reading!

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