Tired of the Yellow Wall? The List Buster is Here

Well, this was quite sometime back: Everyday when I entered my office, I was welcomed by a wall of post-its hanging on my board. They got so random that I was unable to fathom which of them came before the other. I then used to spend time organizing my post-its in a chronological manner, which never lasted any longer (2 days was my best record). At one point, I was too scared even to look upon the yellow wall.

After many months of missed schedules and excuses, I happen to chance upon the concept of mind mapping. After some googling, I visited the library and was lucky enough to lay my hands on Tony Buzan‘s Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play. Now that I’m done with this book, I’m eager to devour the contents of his other books too!

Here are a few points, highlighted by Tony Buzan, which I feel makes mind maps superior to lists:

  • Our mind works on the big picture and not on bullet lists (like this one)
  • Our mind makes associations in the form of images and not as words
  • We are sensitive to colour and mind maps tap that potential of ours
  • Mind maps help in long term retention of facts/tasks/objectives, etc

Now it’s just one colourful mind map in the place of the countless post-its. W00t!

Why don’t you give it a try?

Here is a short video of Tony Buzan talking about the concept of mind maps

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