Punctuality – Then a Value, Now a Sin

Although I had something else in mind for my blog, I had to make it wait for a day. I wanted to share my views on punctuality and would like to have your suggestions in this regard.

When I enter my office each morning, I have this big poster on the wall which reads ”Being punctual not only saves your time but also that of others.” This is an absolutely inspirational message for a fresh morning. However, the effect of this quote seems to be waning as the day progresses.

Punctuality is one of the virtues which I value the most. Whenever I question people of their tardiness, all I get is “Hey… It’s just 15 minutes… No big deal!” Tardiness is now spreading like a virus from the adults to the younger generation. Many students, these days, turn up late for their classes and with their assignments. When questioned, all I get is a half hearted apology. The situation gets a lot more difficult and delicate in VLEs. I don’t believe in scolding and harsh punishments for students but would like to put an end to this.

Any suggestions?

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  1. A long time ago, I was informed that being late is related to power/control issues. As a post-secondary instructor I did have ‘late’ arrivals. I discussed with a colleague. I was advised to stop talking, wait for late arrival to sit and rebegin the class (lecture, workshop, whatever) without any comment to the latecomer in terms of words or non-verbal language. As the term progressed, lates dwindled. Re. late assignments, there was always a 5 (marks, %) off per as clearly stated in course outline. All institutions have late assignment policies in writing in school calendar, handbook, etcetera. A genuine late can be verified with medical note. Most students just need to see a consequence. As retired teacher I know these events just seem to be a noise annoyance factor. I chose not to be annoyed and simply made expectations of institution (not me) and consequences obvious.

    • Thanks for your comment! Will definitely try to work it out on those lines.

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