Inclusion Classes – Another Opportunity for Multimedia… and Us?

This post is in response to the discussion on inclusion classes on #Edchat yesterday. As @thenewtag pointed out, inclusion classes should be looked upon as an opportunity and not as a struggle. I feel that multimedia support in inclusion classes would improve the effectiveness of this concept.

A teacher should look towards creating a congenial learning environment for all students. The main idea behind setting up inclusion classes is to bring students with special needs into the mainstream and help them gain knowledge and confidence. Also, an inclusion class will help the normal students to appreciate those with learning disabilities.

I had some discussions and did some reading on this and was able to observe that in most cases, the special ed teacher and the standard teacher worked on different tracks. This creates a rift not only in the delivery of the instruction, but also creates a rift among the learners and hence the purpose of inclusion is defeated. A synergistic approach, coupled with immaculate planning is hence warranted here.

Seeking Aid from Multimedia – A Good idea?

I my opinion, multimedia can serve as excellent tool in sealing rifts in inclusion classes. The following are my viewpoints on multimedia inclusion. If you want to add more points, agree, or disagree to my views, do leave a comment about it.

  1. Multimedia-based lessons might impose a certain degree of compulsory coordination among the teachers as they have a common media to support their lessons.
  2. Visuals and sounds not only enhance the learning experience of normal children, but also have a profound effect on children with learning disabilities.
  3. A multimedia lesson holds the attention of all the learners onto it and can ensure uniformity in the content delivered.
  4. The teachers can act as facilitator team in guiding the learning process of the students with multimedia.

What do you think?


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  1. When you deal with children who have disabilities (think different learning styles) technology can open the world of learning for them. These are kids who haven’t been successful with the factory model of learning so it is time to try something else. Support teachers who are willing to take risks with this group and pay attention to what works. Keep up the good work and look to DrDougGreen.Com for easy Professional/Self Development.
    Douglas W. Green, EdD

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