Homework – An essential part of learning

I am writing this post with reference to the 10 things I think teachers should unlearn…list on whatedsaid’s blog.

With regard to homework, in my opinion, compliance by the student with pleasure/pressure depends on some of the points in the list. I feel that homework is an opportunity for the students to think about what they had learned that day.  Compliance by the student also depends on the nature of homework given. A couple of dozen sums and a handful of essays will definitely put off any student. Homework assignments should be designed in such a manner that it serves as a gentle reminder for the students of their class activities and allow them to think about what they have done in class that day. This allows the topic that had been discussed on that day to linger in their mind and might lead to new questions/ideas from the student to be discussed in the subsequent class.

I therefore feel that homework is an essential part of learning. The application of this strategy in effective teaching entirely depends on the teacher.

What do you think?

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  1. Hi…
    I’ve just discovered your blog and browsing through it discovered this post. I’m Ed of What Ed Said.
    When I posted the 10 things teachers should unlearn, I hoped to shake things up and provoke some thinking. I hoped that some teachers who are stuck in a pattern of doing things just because they always have, would stop and think. None of the statments are absolutes. I left them deliberately open to encourage debate 🙂
    As far as homework is concerned… I am not in favour of the sorts of busywork that many teachers dish out. I do think that it’s beneficial for kids to go home and think further about what they learned or been introduced to at school. I think it’s great for kids to discuss ideas based on their classroom learning with their parents and a wider PLN (personal learning network). I guess the ideal situation is one where they are so interested in motivated by the learning they have done, that they CHOOSE to explore or discuss further at home. Maybe as teachers, that should be our challenge.
    I’d love to know what type of school you teach at in Chennai. My first visit to India in January left me keen to come back and experience more… the next visit will include Chennai!

  2. Hi. Great to see your comment on this post! I entirely agree with you. Homeworks should serve as tools to provoke the thought process of the students. I do encourage students discussing with their parents and peers to bring in new ideas for discussion and the results are fabulous.
    I’m an online tutor for science, teaching home schooling students as well as students who require tuition in science from India, UK and US. I’ve just begun my career as a teacher and I’m training for the same simultaneously. I’ve got lots to learn and I’m very eager to do so.
    Do let me know when you are visiting Chennai. Eager to meet you!
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!

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